Key Information

Everything you need to know.

Key Dates

  • 31 October 2018: Community orchestras to register their interest in participating in the Victorian Community Orchestra Project

  • 1 February 2019: Confirmation that all registered orchestras have a composer or composers for the two categories of composition

  • 30 June 2019: Original works and arrangements of major orchestral works to be submitted to VCOProject

  • 24 August 2019: Gala concert to celebrate community music making, new compositions and arrangements


For Composers:

  • Composers/arrangers must be permanent residents and/or Australian citizens with an Australian home address.

  • The project is open to all ages.

  • Composers/arrangers must work with only one community orchestra and may write either an original orchestral work of 10-12 minutes and/or an arrangement of a major orchestral work lasting 10-12 minutes for the specific community orchestra.

  • The work must be accessible (ie playable and show knowledge of orchestral instruments) for the specific community orchestra, have the potential to engage a wide audience and become part of the standard repertoire.

  • The work(s) must not have been previously publicly performed or recorded.

  • The works must not use electronics, amplification, computerised techniques, pre-recorded or pre-processed parts.

  • Works must be submitted to the above email address on or before 30 June 2019.

For Orchestras:

To be an eligible orchestra, your group must:

  • Be a community orchestra (full orchestra or chamber group), but not necessarily with the full complement of symphony orchestral instruments 100% of the time.

  • Be open to all members of the community. Your orchestra may set a minimum standard or request an audition, but must have no paid players (with the exception of the conductor).

  • Rehearse and perform in Victoria at least once per year.



For Composers:

To submit a work, an anonymised version of the score must be submitted in PDF format, marked with the community orchestra for which the work was composed.

In a separate email, you will need to include a statement that the submitted work(s) have never before been published, performed in public, recorded and/or broadcast before, nor prized in any composers' competition. An up to date CV, biography of 250-300 words and program notes for the submitted work(s) must also be included in the email. 

It is a condition of entry that composers will allow use of their name for media and publicity purposes and be available for media interviews as required. 

All works submitted will be available on the VCOProject website and available to other community orchestras for a small fee. Upon each sale of a work, 50% of the sale price will be paid to the composer/arranger. Composers/arrangers will retain copyright to the work.

For Orchestras:

Registration from newly formed community orchestras or community orchestras without the standard or balanced set of instruments is encouraged. The aim of VCOProject is to encourage composers to write for groups of unusual instrumentations and to identify instruments that can be swapped with other similar instruments. 

There is no charge to participate in VCOP.

Eligible Victorian community orchestras are invited to register their interest in participating in the Victorian Community Orchestra Project by 31 October 2018 via the link on the VCOproject website. 

Registered Community Orchestras will be assisted to link up with a composer or composers for the two categories of composition and arrangements and are invited to perform their new works at a concert in Melbourne in 2019.