Kees Dogger - Sombre for Orchestra

Kees Dogger - Sombre for Orchestra

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First performed by the Gippsland Symphony Orchestra in October 2018, “Sombre” Was composed to mourn the passing of Kees’ friend, Chris. Begging sadly with a help tremolo and a moving bass line, which leads to a rhythmic melodic line over a changing metre.

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Composer notes:
1/            Bass Clarinet solo – this is fairly high (up to top C#) which may present difficulties to a beginner Bass Clarinettist. If so, I am happy for this to be played an octave lower as marked on the score – to return to original pitch where marked “loco”. I would expect a competent Bass Clarinet player of around grade 6 level to have no problem with the original high notes. In one of the performances of “Sombre” by the Gippsland Symphony Orchestra, this Bass Clarinet solo was performed by a Bassoon as the Bass Clarinet player was unavailable on the day – it worked very well.

2/            Cello part has flowing semiquavers which look daunting but the section is quite slow so approx. grade 5 level should cope with these.

3/            1st Trumpet part is high with exposed top C# (written). This would require a fairly advanced Trumpet player of around grade 6 level to be confident with this part.

Scored for:
Fl, Ob, Cl, B Cl, Hns, Tpts, Tbn, Tba, Timp, Perc (Snare, Block & Bells), Vln I, Vln II, Vla, Vc, Db.

Items include:
Digital Full score & Digital Parts.

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