Spitfire by Robert John Sedky

Spitfire by Robert John Sedky


Spitfire, winner of the People’s Choice Award at the 2019 Victorian Community Orchestra Project, performed by the Essendon Symphony Orchestra, written by Robert John Sedky.

Written in memory of Australian film composer and orchestrator Ricky Edwards (1960-2018). He was a warm and noble friend who inspired many emerging composers with his profound musical talent. The music itself was inspired by the documentary Spitfire (2018), which tells the story of the legendary fighter planes and their pilots that helped win the Battle of Britain in World War II. The piece begins with a militaristic march orchestrated for strings and percussion to evoke the sound of aircraft launching into perilous skies. The brass section plays a short motif representing the courage of the airmen and the nobility of their Spitfire planes. This theme traverses the orchestra, permeating the entire work. An adagio melody is then introduced by a clarinet solo con amore. It expands subtly across the orchestra before reaching a majestic climax, subsiding with a noble trumpet solo. Eventually the march returns with the addition of horn chorales, roaring sonorities from the low brass, and intense percussion to depict the horrors of war. It concludes with a hero’s welcome home: a triumphant fanfare for the full forces of the orchestra.

* May be performed without Bass Trombone & Tuba.
1 Piccolo
2 Flutes
2 Oboes
2 Clarinets in B
2 Bassoons
4 Horns in F
3 Trumpets in B
2 Trombones
1 Bass Trombone
Perc. 1 (Bass Drum)
Perc. 2 (Cymbals)
Perc. 3 (Suspended
Cymbal, Tam-Tam)
Perc. 4 (Snare Drum,
Violin 1
Violin 2
Double Bass

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